H.E Mrs Zinash Tayachew

First Lady of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

H.E Madam, Zinash Tayachew pledged to work with full commitment to alleviating difficulties that children are facing in education and providing access for all school-aged children. She foresees contributing to quality education by identifying the challenges of the sector. Her main initiatives as First Lady are nutrition, mental health, women’s economic empowerment and protection of the most vulnerable. first Lady is committed to delivering successfully on her initiatives through local professional support in each endeavor. Apart from these initiatives, the First Lady works with compassion with the disabled and special needs community through the donation of assistive devices and provision of support for their needs. She is committed to building high schools in remote areas where only elementary schools exist at the moment. Through her charity work, H.E Madam Zinash Tayachew has become a hope for so many.


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