The flagship project in this area relates to the empowerment of infertile women who are victims of stigmatization with the support of the MERCK Foundation through Income Generating Activities identified as a priority by the women. The project is presented as follows:
Planned activities include:
• Identifying these women;
• Entrepreneurship training;
• Allocation of, according to the activity chosen by each one, the necessary means for the implementation of Income Generating Activities.

• 54 women identified in Bangui, Bimbo, Bégoua,
Damara and Mbaïki ;
• 54 women trained in entrepreneurship at the Agence Centrafricaine de Formation Professionnelle et de l’Emploi (ACFPE) / Professional Training and Employment Agency/ with support from the International Labor Office (ILO);
• 90% of the women were able to think of and choose a business idea around 8 thematic areas;
• All of the women presented their projects, which include food trading, sewing and pig farming;
• Allocation of cash to each according to the project. Trade, sewing machine and pig breeding.


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