Women are mostly present in the agro-pastoral sector, and therefore constitute an essential link in the national agricultural economy. However, the low productivity observed in rural areas despite their efforts and goodwill is in part linked to the lack of adequate instruments and the almost non-existence of mechanized agricultural tools. Aware that the empowerment of women can only be measured in terms of the involvement of Congolese women themselves in the process of production and growth of national wealth, the First Lady of the Congo, in partnership with the Ministry of the Women and the Integration of Women in Development and with the support of technical and financial partners, has embarked on a project to strengthen the capacities of women’s groups which, in various sectors of production of goods and services, improve the living conditions of the Congolese people. This project of support to women’s groups will undoubtedly allow women
beneficiaries not only to save time and energy but also to reduce the drudgery of work, improve the quality of their products and increase their yields and income. Thus, this project was launched on March 08, 2020 on the occasion of the celebration of International Women’s Day.

• Training on agricultural techniques,
• Provision of kits and mechanized equipment to women’s groups.

• 380 women are trained in agricultural techniques
• Sixty (60) women’s groups in the ten (10) districts and two (02) communes are equipped with kits and mechanized equipment (tractors,
motorcycles, etc.).


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