Project #BeFree was born as a result of engaging over 100,000 young people from all fourteen regions in Namibia, the Southern Africa
Development Community (SADC), the United States of America, Switzerland and the Netherlands, with frank, non-judgmental dialogue and thematic conversations on experiences through #BeFree engagements.
The First Lady plays a material role in strengthening services available to adolescents and developed a robust framework for sustainable interventions to effectively respond to adolescent and young adult needs.
Project #BeFree is the institutionalisation of the #BeFree Movement and provides a continuum of holistic services including psychosocial support, legal and criminal justice system guidance, the full spectrum of sexual reproductive health services, skills development, adolescent friendly entertainment, youth accommodation and other critical services. These interventions will be provided through smart partnerships to enhance accessibility of services. The project seeks to impart constructive, conflict resolution skills to the youth and their parents by
facilitating and mediating complex relationship dynamics which result in conflict between young people, their peers and caregivers.

A series of focus group discussions with youth, frontline service providers, parents, church leaders, teachers and community members from
the surrounding area were organised and we are confident that the values and aspirations of Project #BeFree resonate in the hearts of our target audience. We are confident that we have a sound understanding of the multi-layered and complex challenges young people face.
We also drew insights from numerous engagement i.e training and capacity building with over one thousand (1000) parents, social workers, police officers, magistrates, health care workers, life skills teachers and community based groups. Critical Success Factors include: Sustainability model that integrates smart partnerships with government, civil society organisations, young people, and private sector;
• Ensure that services remain non-judgmental and remain respectful to the agency young people;
• Evidenced-based programming informed by the #BeFree key learnings, Problematic Mindsets report findings, engagements with young people and stakeholder;
• Ensure the centre remain safe, vibrant and adolescent-friendly at the centre and no harm on the child;
• Remain at the forefront of youth development issues by maintaining a reflective and innovative;
• Ensure compliance with local legislative frameworks, policies and international best practice.


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